Zenfolio | Simon Carter | Pole, Acrobatics & Aerial
My own circus background and love of acrobatics, acrobalance and aerial circus skills in all their various forms has found a new outlet in this series of photos.

I often work with professional and amateur acrobats, cabaret and circus performers. I seek to use light and shadow to emphasise shape, musculature and the human form and to explore the spaces around my subjects

I strive to recreate those rare moments of ease which occur during a performance at the same time as recording some of the contemplative approach which a performer must achieve during the endless hours of training.

I am interested in showing real people demonstrating extraordinary skills with consummate ease and naturalness. The results often show strength and ability in an atmosphere of calm control.

If you'd like to work with me then please do get in touch.
Verity / HandstandLyra & SmokeLuke / Foot HangChaiseChrissieMaja 16/1InvertedHandstand counterbalanceClare IIIThe NailBack plancheTabletop BalanceDouble Stag HandstandBack BalanceCatwomanVerity & RyanCounterbalance