Zenfolio | Simon Carter | Lily's Journey
Some time ago Frankie Dubery and I began work on a project about exploration and change. When we started we had no real idea where we were going or what we'd make; it evolved significantly as it went on.

The idea was to stage a series of shoots around a central character in her wedding dress. We were planning to allow the dress to deteriorate naturally in a way which mirrors the current vogue for 'trash the dress' photoshoots.

The underwater scene was intended to be a transformational moment - everything which was to come after was going to be much more dark & surreal, and involve numerous other characters.

We managed 5 shoots over 2 years before some unfortunate events brought the project to a premature close; this is what we made.
#1: A beginning; An ending; A fleeting glance.#2: A final smile#3: Travels by night#4#5#6: To the sea#7: The pier#8#9: Descent#10: Beneath